Cold Weather Crafts

Winter weather got you down? Try a few easy crafts and activities to lift your spirits.

DIY Snowglobes
Sure, we’ve seen the ones with foam egg cartons shapes, but we thought these little dollar store decorations looked nicer inside.

Snowflake garland or wreath
If your kids love making those little paper snowflakes, gather them up and string them on a ribbon. Use a little hot glue or rubber cement to keep them in place.

Scented Cloud Dough
This light and fluffy dough is crumbly to the touch, but will hold its shape when squeezed. Make your own with 4 cups flour and 1/2 cup of oil (vegetable or baby). To scent it, use your favorite spices, or you can even grate some Mexican chocolate into it. Use a fork to mix. If you add a lot of ground Mexican chocolate, you’ll need to add just a bit more oil, add it 1/8 cup at a time. If you want it colored, add some powdered tempera paint to the flour.

Winter Village-Complete With Creatures
Most dollar stores have little houses and other items this time of year, they are great for creating your own village. You can decorate candy canes with gummies and peppermint candies to make snails, mushrooms and more to populate your village.

Glue Snowmen
White school glue can become a beautiful decoration. Just use wax paper to spread the glue into a snowman shape (fairly thickly), pipe-cleaners and foam or felt cut-outs to dress him up. When the glue is dry, just peel off the paper back.

Frozen Bubbles
When the temperatures dip below freezing, try blowing soap-bubbles! They will crystallize, allowing your kids to observe the formation of ice crystals.

Indoor bowling
A couple of years ago (Winter 2016), we included instructions for this bowling set made from empty water bottles. You can have fun making your own!


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