Crazy, Kooky Creatures | Spring 2019

Animals can be both strange and surprising. Below each animal, there is one truth and two untruths. Pick the sentence that you think is true and check your answers at the bottom!

a. Hippos are omnivores
b. Hippopotamus means “river horse”
c. Hippos are the size of a large dog when full grown

a. Earthworms have no legs, arms, or eyes
b. Earthworms love the sun
c. Earthworms are great swimmers

a. Snakes are all dangerous
b. Snakes only live in North America
c. Snakes can eat animals up to 100% bigger than their own size

a. Eagles have several hundred eggs at once
b. Eagles are apex predators which means they are at the top of the food chain
c. Eagle babies are called eaglecubs

Hippo: It’s name means river horse, and they are far larger than a dog. It’s from the Greek words for river (potamus) and horse (hippo). Earthworm: They have no legs, arms or eyes, do not like the sun and can’t swim. Snake: They’re on all continents except Antarctica, most are not dangerous, and they really can eat animals way bigger than themselves! Eagles are apex predators, and while they can lay over a dozen eggs, several hundred is a bit much. The eaglets (or chicks) hatch after about 35 days.

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