From the Editor | Winter 2018

What a blur the last couple of months have been! We are looking at the possibility of seeing just a little bit of snow this winter, for the first time ever at home. Some days, I wonder how we get everything done—whether it’s our schoolwork, my teaching, or even this magazine you’re reading. We do get it done though, and we get it done with style and in a beautiful form.

This time of year, I sometimes think about how things must have been, before electricty and modern conveniences. Many cultures had festivals and religious observances in the middle of winter; and for most, it was a way to look with hope towards the future—beyond their current freezing conditions. It’s sometimes easy to forget that we are very fortunate to live during this time, with everything we have. Most of the poor in the United States still have access to what we consider basics like indoor plumbing, light and heat; it wasn’t always that way. It is my sincerest hope that this issue finds you healthy, happy, and surrounded by family.

Enjoy your holiday season—however you celebrate!

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