Geocaching: Where are Our Travel Bugs?

Geocaching: Where are our travel bugs?

In 2015, we released four travel bugs. A travel bug is a special item that has a trackable code you can enter into the website or app to both log that you have found/picked it up and see where it’s been. Two of our tags went missing in North America, but two have made some pretty impressive journeys. One is currently in Canada, but the other has made it all the way to Switzerland and is on a European vacation.

What’s makes this so interesting? Tracking these can actually help with geography. Take a look at the map below, I took a screenshot of where the Traveler has gone, and the small inset map is a close up of where it is currently. Sometimes folks also take photos of where they are with the travel bug, and others they post fun comments about where they’re headed with it next. It shows us how small the world has gotten, and how connected we are to it.

Do you Geocache? Here are the last known locations for the travel bugs. Maybe you’ll find them next! As for the two that went missing – it happens, and we have released the backup tags.

  • The Traveler: N 47° 34.250 E 008° 54.240 (Ostschweiz, Switzerland)
  • Sunrise – Sunset: N 49° 00.997 W 119° 21.554 (British Columbia, Canada)
  • The Birds (Re-released): N 32° 50.577 W 116° 53.892 (Lakeside, California)
  • Learning Tangent (Re-released): N 32° 50.577 W 116° 53.892 (Lakeside, California)

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