Get Cooking!

This holiday season, commit to spending more time together trying out new recipes. Not only do you have the chance to find a few new favorites, but spending time cooking with your kids gives them valuable skills for the future. Just one benefit is the ability to use all of their senses to learn. For the very tactile among us, this is huge!

Cooking also requires attention to detail, the ability to follow (or learn to follow) step-by-step instructions, science, reading, math, and not to mention, the time spent together as a family. For kids who often want to contribute to their family in some way, cooking is a perfect fit. Here are a few more ways cooking with your kids is awesome:

Meal planning
Skills required: strategy, understanding schedules, cost of ingredients, time needed to finish it before midnight.

Knife skills
Who wants to cut themselves? No one. Teaching proper knife skills helps in preparing ingredients for cooking, but also safety.

Sometimes, that recipe from the book is not quite right; it could also inspire a whole new idea!

Is there anything that boosts a person’s confidence more than successfully feeding their family dinner? Aside from making tasty things, kids can learn new and more complicated recipes, building confidence in their cooking ability, problem solving and more along the way.

Real life skills
Do you remember those commercials from a fast food restaurant…”Without us, some men would starve?” Do your kids a favor, and do not be like them, and make sure your kids have the skills they need to feed themselves. Fast food may be a quick alternative from time to time, but doesn’t constitute a healthy diet in any way, shape, or form.
So this year, get cooking with your kids, you will love the results.

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