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Do you love a good story? We do! The Greatest Music Stories Never Told by Rick Beyer is a delightful collection of 100 stories revolving around music. An absolute must for music and story lovers.

This Music Appreciation course is more suited to the high school student who really loves music. It’s quite thorough, and we love the structure.

The History of Rock N Roll Unit Study, by Tavia Fuller Armstrong. A fun and popular unit study, to learn a bit of Rock N Roll history.

Teach Your Kids Music in 12 Weeks, by Gail Nelson. An introductory music course designed for you to be able to both learn and teach music to your children.

Listening to Music, by Craig Wright. A terrific resource whether you simply want to better understand music and its structure, or you are pursuing a career in music. It’s easy to follow, and doesn’t talk down to you – find it used though, it’s quite pricy new. He also teaches an Introduction to Classical Music through is a free online, interactive set of music theory lessons. It starts at the very beginning, gives a very solid introduction to theory. They also have an iPad app available.

Master Theory books are affordable, and easy-to-follow general music theory books. If you’re looking for an overall theory that is not instrument-specific, these are terrific. is another free online resource (but they have an awesome shop too!); this time it’s just for the circle of fifths. If you’ve ever wondered how many key signatures there are, or just want to see how they all fit together, this is a great resource.

Any of the Berklee College of Music’s guidebooks are rich resources for music theory from the high school level and up.

The Musician’s Way: A Guide to Practice, Performance and Wellness, by Gerald Klickstein. This book, while geared towards musicians working to grow their craft, contains wisdom for anyone who wants to develop a personal routine for practicing and improving upon a skill.

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