She Likes Them? | The Little Troll, Chapter 5

Gamjee leaned in, and began…

“The village elder told me that near the desert troll village is an abandoned trollish temple. The rumor is that there is a field near the temple, and if you get there at the right time, the ghost peppers will be at their hottest.” Gamjee stopped for a moment, judging his audience’s attention level.

Hoodah’s eyes lit up, “Is it the right time? When is the right time?”

Gamjee responded, “Well, it should be tomorrow, by the time we arrive at the desert troll village it will be nightfall, and we can find a room there to sleep.”

They agreed, and went off into the desert. After a few hours of walking they found the desert troll village. After asking a few of the resident trolls, they found a motel where there were rooms available. This one overlooked the temple ruins, and they thought they could see the edge of the ghost pepper field. But, being as it was getting dark, they decided to get some rest.

The next morning as they left for the temple, Hoodah and Yoodah saw a shop that had a sign that said, “Pets.” Hoodah said, “Gamjee can we wait, just for a little bit, we see a pet shop we would like to visit.”

Yoodah agreed and said, “Yes, I think that is a good idea. Please?”

Gamjee said, “Okay just make it quick, I want those peppers.”

Hoodah and Yoodah disappeard into the shop, and very quickly came out with a huge tortoise – big enough for a troll to ride. It had a saddle.

Gamjee was surprised, and said, “Great tortoise!”

Tazingo said, “Wow that’s awesome.”

Hoodah smiled and said, “Yes! And two people can ride it. So now me and Yoodah don’t have to walk.”

Yoodah said, “Now, I’m ready let’s go find this temple.”

The sun was climbing ever higher, getting hotter, when they finally saw it off in the distance. They were so excited that they started running towards it. Except, that is, for Hoodah and Yoodah who were sitting on the back of their Tortoise. They were moving significantly slower.

Before long, Gamjee and Tazingo had made it to the field. They started looking around for the Ghost pepper plants while they waited for Hoodah and Yoodah.

It wasn’t until they got to the other side of the temple that saw a remarkable sight: a field that stretched the full length of the plateau where the temple was located. The field was full of Ghost pepper plants. Gamjee took his backpack off and started stuffing it full. As he excitedly did that he said to his friends, “This is it, this is how I can finally stop the llama thief.”

Tazingo said, “Okay this is great! Can we go home now? It’s hot here!” On the way back Tazingo stopped at the a shop in the desert troll village and bought some cactus fruit plants. Afterwards, they went on their way.

By the time they returned from the troll village, it was nearly dark again. Rather than going straight home, they went to thank the town elder for his help. Afterwards, they decided to go to the local cafe and tell each other about their plans.

They sat down around a table and Gamjee started, “This was a fun few days, and now I’m going to get revenge on that llama. How many of the ghost peppers do you guys think I should put in the cake I’m going to bake for the llama?”

Tazingo said, “Maybe twenty or twenty five, give the llama a good amount to scare it off.”

Gamjee said, “Yes that sounds like it should work, I’m going to head home to get started, I’ll see you tomorrow to tell you how it went.” He left to go create the spiced brownies.

When he got home, he got out his cook book and started to bake. It smelled Wonderful! No one would ever be able to tell that it had ghost peppers in it – especially that Llamagail. Gamjee put them on the window ledge and decided to start a second batch without the peppers for him and his dodo.

Late that night he woke up to a loud bang, as the spiced brownies were stolen. He thought, “Yes, Perfect! that should keep the llama away.”

He went back to bed thinking all was right, no llama thefts anymore. The next day he woke up, and to his shock and disappointment, his brownies were still there. But then he noticed a lot of the ghost peppers where gone! He saw llama tracks leading from his backpack, which he had left outside. He was stumped. He could not believe it…the llama enjoyed the peppers more than the brownies!

Well, he thought maybe this could be a way to protect from dessert-stealing llamas. He decided he would go ask the other trolls if there was anything else that the llama enjoyed better than Brownies. No one could think of anything else, but were equally shocked to hear that the peppers had been taken, but sweets left behind. Maybe he should leave the ghost peppers out every year to protect his dessert.

He went back home, and and in his happiness decided to for a walk with his dodo. While he walked, he thought of ways to defend his food from the llama, other than having to go to the desert every year for peppers. He decided, he would go to the human city to try to find something because it was closer. So the very next day he woke up, packed some food for the road, put leash on Eggo and left for the human village.


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