Stuck Inside? Try These Ideas

Usually, fall weather gets us back outside after being stuck inside in the air conditioner all summer. But sometimes, the weather (or illnesses) conspires against us.

Tip one: If you get sick, forget regular school work. Seriously.

We are sick so rarely that this is a once a year issue, but darn if we didn’t get that nasty crud fluttering around everywhere last fall/winter.

Happy Thanksgiving! Good luck keeping your food down. Juicy turkey? Forget it. Those yummy holiday pies? Pass.

We were lucky, in that the crud wasn’t really too stomach-turning, but it nonetheless hampered our post holiday school efforts – putting us in a position where we had to make adjustments to our school routine.

First, we recommend letting them heal. Over the years, we have seen that there are some things we can do while sick, and others we cannot. Mostly, anything requiring complex thought are out. So rather than push the kids into doing school assignments while sick, getting work partially or poorly finished – don’t. Let them rest, heal, feel better, and spend the time either sleeping off the effects of that nasty cold; or watching documentaries, silly cat videos on YouTube, or just reading fun stories together.

Tip two: If the weather is the culprit – go outside anyway.

Yes, we said it. Get outside anyway. Of course, there are limits to this, but generally, you can observe things in nature when it rains that you almost never see when the skies are clear.

Our favorite things are the worms and other critters that come up out of the soil for air. You can also witness erosion, watching the rain water wash away some of the top soil, creating little channels in the dirt. If it’s raining enough, you can make little paper boats to race in the street gutters.

Tip Three: When you’re done being outside in the rain or cold, come inside and warm up with hot cocoa and a good book. Audio books are fun too – make sure that you have a few downloaded and ready to go.

Don’t let the fear of falling behind make you push too hard when a step back is in order. Remember that learning comes in all forms, not only that of formal book learning.

Here are a few ideas for sick days, or days stuck inside thanks to weather.

  • Card Games
  • Board games
  • Drawing/painting
  • Indoor bowling
  • Watching documentaries
  • Crafts

What do you enjoy doing when you and your family are stuck inside?

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