Summer 2019 | Editor’s Musings

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Summer in a new state!

So, it is a little more humid here in Fort Worth, Texas than it was in Lakeside, California. I mean…just a little…if you think 60% humidity instead of 30% is a little; and did I mention the mosquitoes? I think I saw one large enough to carry off a small child!

Humidity and bugs aside, this new state of ours is truly beautiful—I have never seen so many different species of flowers and birds. We also have a new favorite fruit—mulberries!

We discovered a huge, old mulberry tree in a neighbor’s yard. It was covered in berries, and butterflies were everywhere, feasting on the fermenting juice from fallen fruit. The neighbor only saw that it was a mess—not for the gift of tasty fruit that it really is—we helped a little, I hope. Sometimes a jar of homemade jam goes a long way!

This summer, just because I’m a member of the “Get it done and go play” crowd, we focus on homeschooling under a tight schedule. It’s summer time, and I really don’t want to be stuck playing catch-up, but sometimes it’s necessary. Whether your year got away from you, or you have big ideas that need to get out and play, we have something to help you in this issue.

Enjoy your summer, and whether you have to make a minimester out of a course, or help your kids buckle down and get moving on a more difficult one, take time to enjoy summer’s beauty.

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