Weaving, Painting, and Construction | Crazy, Kooky Creatures

Animals can be both strange and surprising. Below each animal, there is one truth and two untruths. Pick the sentence that you think is true and check your answers at the bottom!
1.What animal can paint well with a brush?
a. Elephant
b. Cat
c. Cockatoo

2.What animal creates sculptures out of salt for a yearly contest?
a. Dog
b. Penguin
c. Cow

3.What animal is known as the best weaver in the world?
a. Beaver
b. Hummingbird
c. Spider

4.What animal is a unique architect who creates a extravagant house for its mate?
a. Gray Fox
b. Bower Bird
c. Field Mouse

Answers: 1. (a. elephants are known to paint detailed artwork using a brush held by their trunks) 2. (c. Cows are given salt blocks to lick into sculptures. These sculptures are entered into the Great Salt Lick Contest each year) 3. (c. Spiders weave intricate webs that we copy in our own weaving of materials) 4. (b. the bower bird creates a bower made of tall walls of weeds, pebbled floors, and colorful decorations for its mate).

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