The How, and Why, of Allergies

Diseases and sicknesses are everywhere. Some last for a few days and cause mild discomfort, while some last for a lifetime. Some are so rare that only a dozen people in the world have them and some infect over one quarter of the world’s population. That is about two billion people. Today I will be … Read more The How, and Why, of Allergies

The Toughest Creature on Earth

On our planet, there are thousands of amazing creatures. Some live in the depths of the ocean, or the height of the sky, but none are as remarkable as the Tardigrade. Tardigrades, also known as water bears or moss piglets, are microscopic, water-dwelling animals. They were first discovered by a German zoologist named Johann August … Read more The Toughest Creature on Earth

A Tail of European Dragons

From the scaly, fire-breathing dragons of Europe to the feathered, god-like dragons of China, mythical beasts have fascinated people for generations. Stories about dragons have been passed down from father to child for hundreds of years, making them a critical part of ancient society. The Japanese worshipped dragons, while the western hemisphere feared them, but … Read more A Tail of European Dragons

Mistakes That Changed the World

Mistakes are inevitable, yet they help us learn and discover. Even the most tragic of mistakes can help us evolve. “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work” – Thomas Edison. What Thomas Edison declared is very true. If you make a mistake you have not failed, you just learned a … Read more Mistakes That Changed the World

Leonardo da Vinci

What do you want to be when you grow up? How about everything, or in other words, a polymath. Let me introduce you to an Italian guy who was a painter, sculpture, writer, architect, engineer, inventor, physician, mathematician, botanist, anatomist, geologist, astronomer, draftsman, musician, and last but not least, a scientist. This wonderful man’s name … Read more Leonardo da Vinci