7 Ways to Fight Off Winter Blues

The holidays are behind us. The days are shorter. It’s cold outside. Dark when you wake up and dark by 4:30 in the afternoon. Most of us have experienced the winter blues on those long, cold, gray winter days that seem never-ending. Some people really struggle with the lack of sunlight and then this becomes … Read more 7 Ways to Fight Off Winter Blues

Fall Meal Reboot

I remember when my children were younger. How I looked forward to summer and a break from the busier, usual routine. However, by the end of the summer we were all ready to get back to a more structured routine. I have always found fall to be the perfect time for a healthy reboot. The … Read more Fall Meal Reboot

Summer Sunshine Safety

Now that we can be outside, enjoying the beautiful summer weather and sunshine, safe sun exposure is at the top of the mind. But before you stock up on sunblock, the truth is skin cancer rates are rising despite more sunscreen use and reduced sun exposure in recent decades. Sunscreens can be loaded with hazardous … Read more Summer Sunshine Safety

Making Healthy Food Fun

This is free for anyone to read as a community service. If you’d like to support our mission to help you homeschool with confidence, consider a subscription to the digital edition. It’s only $12 per year! As moms, we do our best to provide the healthiest foods for our children. Of course, we can’t control … Read more Making Healthy Food Fun

Summer Time is Veggie Time

Summer is hands-down the best time of year for vegetables. Absolutely nothing beats a tomato fresh from your garden or the farmers market. Most of these summer veggies do not require a lot of prep time so you can really make the most of your summer, out of the kitchen, spending more time with your … Read more Summer Time is Veggie Time