The Science Behind Baking

I love baking it makes me happy and I can eat what I make. The science of how the cake rises and cooks is interesting to me; along with how the chemicals mix and react to each other. Baking is a science more then its cooking. Most of what makes a cake a cake is … Read more The Science Behind Baking

Mulberry Trees

My mom and I go on walks around a corn field with our dog Rodney, and we would walk by a huge tree almost every morning. One week we saw tons of purple all over the street under the tree, and in the grass in the yard—and realized it was a mulberry tree. We love … Read more Mulberry Trees

An Unusual Pet

I squinted against the bright winter sun, as the light reflected off of the snow on the ground, and ice on the sidewalks. I was walking home from school, bundled up in my jacket, trying to hide every bit of exposed skin from the bitter cold. Finally! I was almost home. Somewhere nearby, a dog … Read more An Unusual Pet

Texas Snakes

We just moved to Texas and found that some weird creatures live here, which made me want to learn all about all the reptiles of Texas. There are awesome creatures, some are venomous but most are not. The venomous ones are cool and very interesting; my favorite venomous snakes are the pit vipers like rattle … Read more Texas Snakes

Fall: My Favorite Season

Fall leaves are interesting, they have different colors ranging from orange, yellow, and red. These leaves change colors because the tree is shutting down for the winter, sending less chlorophyll to the leaves, which is green, and masks the other colors most of the time. Trees start as seeds that fall from their parent tree. … Read more Fall: My Favorite Season

The Crackling History of Fireworks

I love fireworks on the 4th of July. There are amazing Firework displays, which I love every year, but I wanted to know how they got made. Fireworks started in medieval China during the Tang Dynasty, and the Chinese used fireworks for many festivals. They originally believed that fireworks would expel the bad spirits and … Read more The Crackling History of Fireworks

Homemade Brownies

Ahh… I love the smell of fresh baked brownies. They are terrific with a glass of cold milk especially around Christmas time. I love baking brownies, cookies and other stuff. I think it’s awesome to be able to make something delicious to share with my family. If you haven’t cooked you should try and always … Read more Homemade Brownies