The Joys of Going Screen-Free

Most families are probably fighting a losing battle when it comes to technology in the home, and we find it particularly hard when my older children are both attending some online courses both with Dreaming Spires and the local community college, their leadership program at the church uses social media to post important information, my … Read more The Joys of Going Screen-Free

Living Lapbooks for Teens

What do you know about the phrase “living books”? How about the word “lapbooks”? I presume you’ve heard of these expressions before, but it isn’t very often that people combine engaging, narrative non-fiction (ie, living books) with a scrapbook-type artefact (ie, lapbook), and even more rare to hear this approach applied to high school unit … Read more Living Lapbooks for Teens

Juggling with Jay Jay

When my kids were younger, we loved to watch Jay Jay the Jet Plane. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen it, but it’s a sweet little program a bit like “Cars” but with planes. Jay Jay and his friends learn life lessons about friendship, responsibility, respect, humility, and even about protecting the environment. For … Read more Juggling with Jay Jay