Reflections from the Road of Lasts

Because my girls were born so close together, they’ve progressed through their academic “careers” together, and will graduate from our homeschool together next spring. And that means I’m currently in the midst of a year of “lasts.”

Look with Different Eyes

The average academic year for institutionally-schooled kids has 180 days. If we presume an average of seven hours on campus per day and multiply the days and hours by 13 years, we yield 2,340 days or 16,380 hours of “schooling” from age five to 18. In contrast, home-educated children are in their learning environments—i.e., in … Read more Look with Different Eyes

Break Free from the Grade Level Lie

One of the biggest and most damaging myths perpetrated by our culture’s system of institutional schooling is the fallacy that the idea of “grade level” has merit. In reality, “grade level” has absolutely no scientific meaning—i.e., there is no neurological basis in terms of child development norms for asserting that every child “must” learn certain … Read more Break Free from the Grade Level Lie

You’re Not Behind…

Tis the season…for “mid-year” blues! Yes, it’s that time—especially for many who follow a September-to-May “school year” – when it’s very common to feel bad about “being behind.” The curriculum says you “should” be on Lesson 100 in the math book but you just turned the page to Lesson 78; you haven’t done a science … Read more You’re Not Behind…

Redeeming the Calendar

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that sort of reply when someone discovers that we “do school” year-round, I’d be well on my way to booking the month-long family vacation to Belize of which I’ve been dreaming. However, I actually do understand such a response from parents whose kids go to … Read more Redeeming the Calendar

To College…or Not?

I’m not inherently opposed to college. My husband and I both have bachelor’s degrees, and I even returned ̶ twice ̶ for additional coursework in order to obtain two different teacher certifications. In fact, I was the first person in my extended family to ever pursue post-secondary education. I am, however, very opposed to propagation … Read more To College…or Not?

Educational Dipping Sauce

During my years as part of the broad homeschool community, I’ve seen a propensity for home educating parents to believe several really destructive lies. One particularly devious lie is that educational activity must be a burdensome drag in order to be “real” or effective. Many have bought the bill of goods that says the learning … Read more Educational Dipping Sauce

If You Have the Will, There is a Way

One of the most unfortunate myths about homeschooling is that one must be “rich” to do it. In reality, researchers such as Brian Ray of the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) have regularly shown that the range of household incomes among homeschooling families is essentially equal to that of all other families – i.e., … Read more If You Have the Will, There is a Way