Games | A Few of Our Favorite Things…


I love games. All sorts, really. Board games are a particular favorite, and the twins have inherited my love of them. During those cold winter days, sometimes you just don’t want to go outside, so we play games. We have a few criteria for deciding whether to keep or donate a game, and they are: … Read more Games | A Few of Our Favorite Things…

Extra-Curriculars Aren’t “Extra”

Why does our family homeschool? So we can customize the twins’ learning. To that end, we choose a variety of learning opportunities; some of which are considered extracurricular activities – art and music are the biggest in this category. However, I do not see them as “extracurricular,” I see them as part of who we … Read more Extra-Curriculars Aren’t “Extra”

Teach the Kids EVERYTHING? It’s Not Possible!

When we started homeschooling, we had a lofty goal: To teach them everything the school wouldn’t or couldn’t. As time went on, we realized that there were many things that school would not have taught them. We also saw that, because there are so many things to see, explore, and learn about in this world, … Read more Teach the Kids EVERYTHING? It’s Not Possible!

Failure: It’s My Best Friend

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. Thomas Edison Why would any of us welcome failure – and then call it a friend?! I do though. I mean, mostly. Failing at something only means, to me, that I have more to learn. Life would be awfully boring if there weren’t more to learn. But our … Read more Failure: It’s My Best Friend

How I Journal, and Why

There are dozens of books on different types of journaling habits, procedures, etc. I have a confession: I have not read a single one of them. That’s right, not one! Just to be a rebel without a cause… I’m never going to read one either! It isn’t that I do not read – I do … Read more How I Journal, and Why